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what's your lifestyle

Leech polarizing eyewear is carefully designed for all our different applications.


No fishing trip will be complete without Leech sunglasses.

Water Sports

improve performance and enable you to enjoy the sport.

Leech Polarized Sunglasses

To meet all the needs of performance eyewear
When light reflects off a shiny surface such as water, snow, sand or roads. The light becomes concentrated horizontally and causes glare.
Glare reduces visibility and makes it uncomfortable, painful and dangerous to carry on driving, cycling, skiing or just even sunbathing.
Leech polarized Eyewear block virtually all glare. While non-polarized lenses just make things look darker.

Velocity Impact Test

Our lenses satisfy high velocity impact tests. These lenses can even absorb the energy generated from the impact of a steel ball travelling at a speed of 100mph due to the unique lens composition. In impact situations, every layer fused within the lens disperses the energy, which makes Premium Sight incredibly shock-absorbent and delivers higher levels of safety in an accident.

Consumers Benefits

Our goal is to continually improve the visual acuity of our consumers and provide the highest standard in polarization. The tests we have conducted over the past year on countless lenses have led us to find the exact ones we use now in our products, giving our consumers all the benefits of the technology that we discovered.

protection & durability

The Premium Sight lens is an extremely well tested lens. It combines a high-efficiency polarizing filter with UV400 protection, shock absorbers and shock-resistant elements. Customers can enjoy a glare-free vision, visual acuity, color precision, UV protection and real durability

– all in an ”Eco Friendly” lens.

Swedish Design

Leech created a perfect alchemy between aesthetics and technology.
Leech eyewear offers designer eyewear, sunglasses and fashion frames for men and women.
we are specialized in lightweight polarized sunglass for high-energy adventures.



At Leech Eyewear, we have a mission. By using not only the finest, but also the most plentiful and naturally renewable materials, and transforming them into sleek, fashion forward frames, we've combined our need for outdoorsports with our passion for the environment and turned them into some of the most beautiful and functional eyewear on the planet.



We’re working for solutions that protect both the Earth’s resources as well as our communities.
Leech Eyewear is proudly partnered with:

The Swedish Breast Cancer Association

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